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We are NOLA Periodontics. It’s nice to meet you. 

Welcome.  We are so happy that you have chosen us.  At NOLA Periodontics, we take pride in helping you achieve your dental goals.  If you are missing teeth, having periodontal problems, or are just not confident with your smile, we are here for you.  We look forward to meeting you in person.  Feel free to chat with us or give us a call when you are ready.

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About NOLA Periodontics
Our Values
State of Louisiana

When I opened NOLA Periodontics in 2014, I was very clear about my vision for this office.  I wanted to create a relaxed, fun, and safe space for people to save their teeth and achieve the smile they have always wanted.  I think we do a great job of accomplishing that for our patients who know that they are part of the NOLA Periodontics family when they arrive at our office.

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NOLA Periodontics is a safe haven for ALL people.  We do not tolerate or accept discrimination of any kind.  If you do not believe the same, this is not an office for you and that is ok.  We are not for everyone.

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At NOLA Periodontics, we work with you to make your dental dreams come true.  We are big on finding out what your goals are.  We have found that by asking you questions and discussing all options, we are able to get the best results.  Never feel like there is a question that you cannot ask; they are welcomed here.  We both play an equal role in your smile success.

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Why Choose Us

When it comes to your dental implant and periodontal health, there are many offices for you to choose from.  At NOLA Periodontics, on top of Dr. B being a great surgeon, we pride ourselves on creating a family environment.  We want all patients to know that they can be themselves when they walk through our doors.  We know dental work can be expensive.  In our space, you do not have to worry about the financials.  We have several plans to help you manage the process without foregoing the care that you need.  Our customer service is top-notch and we love the way our patients feel about NOLA Periodontics.  We cannot wait to meet you.

Our Team
Dr B, Periodontist in New Orleans and Atlanta
Dr. Bristol Williams


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Office Manager

Dental Assistant

Dental Assistant

Areas Of Expertise 

Most people want to know what a Periodontist is and why they were referred to Dr. B.  A Periodontist is a dental surgeon that concentrates on the gum and bones that provide the stability for your teeth as well as a Gum Disease treatment specialist.  We also are highly skilled in dental implant placement.  After dental school, we complete 3 additional years of surgery training.  Here just a few things that Dr. B is great at.

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Dental Implants

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Cosmetic Dental Surgery

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Periodontal Surgery

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Gum Grafting

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Crown Lengthening

Areas Of Expertise
About Nola Periodontics
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About Dr. B

After everyone meets me, they want to know my story.  I was born in Kansas City, MO and at the age of 12, we moved to St. Louis, MO.  When I first visited New Orleans at the age of 14, I fell in love.  I graduated from Xavier in New Orleans and attended Meharry Medical College, just like my father who is also a Periodontist.  I completed my Periodontal residency at The University of Tennessee and opened my first private practice in Atlanta, GA in 2009.


After visiting New Orleans in 2010, I knew I had to move back.  I fully relocated in 2012 and opened NOLA Periodontics in 2014.  Moving back to New Orleans was one of the best decisions I have ever made.  New Orleans has always felt like home and now I am proud to call it that.

About Dr B

"The appointment was quick and easy.  Dr. B made sure I understood everything."

Samira Brown

Happy smiling people with beautiful teeth

"I was treated like family...I love that."

Rose Lewis

"Amazing family friendly service!  Great every time."

Trevor Young

"Very satisfied with my visit.  I'm looking forward to coming back ASAP.  Thanks for everything."

T. Harrison

"Great experience with the entire staff."

V. Rabb

Video of the Week

Periodontal Disease Doesn't Hurt

Transcript from Video of the Week:

"The problem with Periodontal Disease is it doesn't hurt. Most people go to the dentist, I'm sorry to say, but when they are in pain. Alot of times it requires you to have a really good Dentist who’s going to be diligent and not just keep sending you for cleanings, knowing you're still having these issues.

I always tell patients if that's the case, and they feel like they're being pushed through an office without really someone taking a look at their periodontal health. Listen to the numbers when they're being probed; because if you're seeing a Hygienist at a General Dentist office, they should still be probing you. If you have areas that are fives and above, ask about them. Sometimes you can ask to see a periodontist.

Another time, I would say for you to go on your own is if you're (1) missing teeth and you want implants placed or (2) if you're having areas where you have recession. What that means is that if you look at pull your lip down or your lip up where you are having sensitivity, especially around the canine areas, you'll see more of your root exposed than your actual tooth. Go see a Periodontist for that because we can replace that tissue."

Frequently Asked Questions 
  • Where are you located?
    Our office is at 3300 Canal St. Suite 250. New Orleans, LA. 70119. We are located on the corner of Canal and S. Rendon St. Feel free to park on the street or in the parking lot. We are on the 2nd floor.
  • How long is my initial appointment?
    Your consultation ranges from 30 mins-1 hour. During this time, Dr. B will get to know you and find out what services you need.
  • Why was I referred?
    Your General Dentist may have referred you for the following reasons: 1. Bone or tissue loss 2. Missing teeth 3. Cosmetic reasons Dr. B's job is to help identify the issue and the cause. This will better aid you and your Dentist in moving forward and achieving your best healthy smile.
  • Can everything be completed in 1 day?
    Most treatment can be completed at the same time as your initial appointment. We do have to consider the length of what you need and respect the next patients appointment time as well.
  • How long has Dr. B been doing this?
    Dr. B has been a Periodontist since 2007. She opened her 1st private practice in 2009.
  • What do I need to bring with me?
    For your first visit, bring your ID and your dental insurance card. We will provide you with registration paperwork when you arrive.
  • How much is this going to cost?
    Might cost you a little, might cost you a lot...but it's gonna cost you. Just kidding! All of the procedures have different fees and different degrees of severity. After Dr. B diagnoses you, she will come up with a treatment plan. The office manager will then look at your treatment and you both will discuss what the best financial option is. We have 4 different payment arrangements and she will go over each one with you thoroughly.
  • Will it hurt?
    No. We do not even know what that word means.
  • What do I do after treatment?
    After treatment, we have a list of post-op instructions we will both give and go over with you. If you have any questions about what to eat, when to exercise, etc, they will all be on that sheet.
  • How long do I need to be off of work?
    This answer really depends on you and how you feel. Most people take 1 day off and they are back to work after that. We can discuss this in more detail when we go over your treatment plan.
  • Can I drive afterwards?
    In most circumstances you can drive yourself home after treatment with no problems.
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Let's Chat!

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